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“The Tavern was an ideal meeting place. You went there not to drink, but to meet your friends, for only friends can be found there…It was not only a hotel – it was a home…the hotelkeepers welcomed folk whether they had money or not…” –  Richmond Guardian, 7 July, 1936.

The owners of the London Tavern Hotel, Bill and Marita Perry feel blessed to be the custodians of this grand, century-old Richmond landmark.

They love the pub’s rich history of being a local meeting place where people from all walks of life come together. While enjoying each other’s company in a safe, convivial setting, they can have a superb, hearty meal, a glass of excellent wine from a boutique winery, or one of our magnificent craft beers.

Immediately, once you step inside ‘The London’, you know it has soul. Everything about the hotel is inviting. You feel equally at home in front of the cosy, open wood fires or in the large courtyard and beer garden with its retractable roof for your comfort come rain, hail or shine.

The homely atmosphere is no coincidence. The owners and their staff pride themselves on treating every customer like a member of the family.

It is something passed down through a rich family history in hospitality nearly as old as the hotel itself.

There is also a genuine connection with the suburb of Richmond and an appreciation of its history.

Indeed, one of the owner’s mothers went to Yarra State School around the corner. Her family owned a pub in Richmond and her two brothers played for the Tigers in the VFL.

This explains Tiger memorabilia adorning the walls of The London Tavern and a bar named after the legendary Tiger, Jack ‘Captain Blood’ Dyer, a much loved family friend.

Standing as it does in the shadows of the magnificent Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), there has long been a sporting vibe at the London Tavern and While other establishments boast cinema-sized screens and up market furniture, there is an atmosphere to the London Tavern that cannot be bought.

But don’t just take our word for it, come in and see for yourself. Rest assured, the warmest of welcomes awaits you – Michael Davis.